Thanks for tolerating the ramblings...

Thanks for tolerating the ramblings...

Thanks for tolerating the ramblings...Thanks for tolerating the ramblings...Thanks for tolerating the ramblings...

Quotes, Cliche's, and Wisdom


Preamble Ramble

This is a compilation of writings I did when I traveled the USA and Canada, in 1997-98.   

Prior to my travels I worked in a State of Georgia position making great money, in a beautiful  office  in  downtown Atlanta.  Yet, something was still not right for me.  I was restless, not happy, no joy. 

My Daddy had something of a wanderlust.  I think my itch to travel and see the country may be genetic.  Maybe it was just curiosity, or just boredom, I don’t know.   I do know this, it all unfolded  in  a most amazing, and miraculous way.

The Mothership, a 1979 VW bus was given to me by a complete stranger in Atlanta, who had just completed a trip around the country.  

He gifted it to me with the prerequisites, that first: I travel the country, and second: I could never sell it.  I had to ’Pay it forward”.  

In keeping with my promise.  On a cold and windy January day in 1997, I set out on my personal ‘life changing journey‘, In my Miracle bus “The Mothership”.  

The “Search for the beginning of Wind” (meant as a joke), had launched!

In preparing for my trek, I sold things, gave things away, and reduced down to the bare minimum. Its amazing how much we accumulate. 

Many people questioned my intentions; didn’t understand my motives; and doubted the outcomes.  I can understand why.  I did too.  

When I left, I had a bus, some clothes, gear, a Mac Power Book, a 56k modem, and a phone cord.  In my pocket, I had $1200 bucks.  And I was heading out to see America. 

The day before my 40th birthday in 1997, I took my leap of faith, insanity, and white knuckle fear.  I jumped. Both feet first.  What a ride! 

Enjoy the read.... The spelling is terrible, and as you will see, the writing is not always the best.   

”Wider, and wider still shall thy bounds be set.”  

Charlie Ford

"When you come to the place where the road and the sky collide”...

"When you come to the place where the road and the sky collide”... 

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Blog Navigation Guide...

  1. The essays I wrote were aimed toward a list serve centered around air cooled Volkswagen buses. 
  2. The writings vary in story.  Some are not embellishing at all, others are.  
  3. Grammar may be  mess at times.   Be forewarned. 
  4. Go to the bottom of the page to read the opening essay “The Gift of a Dream”.  Then climb back up.  
  5. This is my flimsy attempt at a travelogue.  
  6. The opinions and thoughts expressed were the ones I had when I was 40.  I’m 62 now.
  7. Like I wrote above, when I wrote this I had a VW bus, clothes, gear, a Mac 280c Power Book, a US robotics 56k modem, and a phone cord.  Along the road I begged, borrowed, and even stole, only a time or two, a plug into a phone jack so I could upload.  We didn’t have WiFI yet.  Times were tough all over.  
  8. If I were 40 again I would do the trip again.  In fact, if I could do one now, I would head out.  I may one of these days.  Never know. 
  9. Dates of writings are referenced in sequence 01/09/1997-01/09/1998... so keep in mind it was 1997, not 2020.  

Writings and Ramblings By:Charlie Ford

The Search 

for the 

Beginning of Wind


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